Empowering customer service areas

Waiting in a queue, standing for your turn is no one’s favorite activity. If you have poor service quality, and frustrated customers, you can change the situation by implementing quality service experience through planned service design.

Service industries require an efficient, strategic approach to managing queues. For over 25 years Wavetec has been transforming how companies design their servicescape. Wavetec provides a state of the art Queue Management System (QMS); an Enterprise Solution, with a current design and an Enterprise level information system to map customers’ journey and enhance customer experiences. Globally, Wavetec is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of queue management systems.

Reduces customer wait and service time by 50%
Increases Customer Satisfaction by 30%
Eliminates irregular and haphazard queuing
Enhances customer experience

Enterprise solution to manage customer flow

From a customer’s arrival at a service area to the customer’s exit, we have it all mapped out for you. With advanced technological solutions, we help businesses to interact with customers at every touch point. Once the customer arrives at your service area, he enters a virtual queue by taking a ticket from the ticket dispensing kiosk. While waiting to be served, he is engaged through our digital signage solutions and queue displays with promotional messages and queue information. Once served, the customer records his feedback through feedback units while managers access real time business intelligence reports and dashboards through a centralized reporting system.

Queuing Process