News Release

News Release

Torrance, California. 4 June 2015 – Alico Systems Inc¬†announces the launching of our new division Alico Technologies to market, distribute, install and deliver turn key IT products. We are partnering with Wavetec to market their Queue Management Systems, Digital Signage, and Workflow Management Products in the United States! Alico will become Wavetec’s exclusive Distributor for Queue Management and Digital Signage products in the United States of America.










Wavetec FZCO is a multinational technology company headquartered in Dubai, UAE with locations in 70 countries around the world. With over 12,000 installations worldwide, Wavetec is an emerging global leader in Queue Management Systems, Digital Signage and Customer Feedback. Wavetec is a world leader in Stock Exchanges and Commodities Markets with its Financial Market LED Displays Solutions installed at over 22 locations worldwide.

Alico Systems Inc, is an innovative products company. Our solutions address the Consumer, Industrial and Military market segments with products such as broadband wireless, mobile On-the-Move satellite communications, and advanced information technology products. Our key products include mobile OTM satellite communications terminals, VoIP PBX, broadband wireless networks, Queue Management Systems, Digital Signage and Workflow Systems.

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